Lucero – Sing Me No Hymns tab



E---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G--------------5------------------------------------|D---------5h7--------5---5--------------------------|A------------------7---5----------------------------|E----0-00-------------------------------------------| X2 (not quite right)
Verse (open chords) E G Rain'll wash away the piss and blood A but the water's not enough B A to wash away the things that i've done E G so i just keep on moving all the same A the mountains they ain't far B A and I bet they don't know my name
FILL RIFF (mute strumming between chord changes to imitate drums) E G A B AE---------- ------3--3- --3--5--5-- --5--2--5--|B---------- ------3--3- --3--5--5-- --5--4--5--|G---1--1-- ---1--4--4- --4--6--6-- --6--4--6--|D---2--2-- ---2--5--5- --5--7--7-- --7--4--7--|A---2--2-- ---2--5--5- --5--7--7-- --7--2--7--|E---0--0-- ---0--3--3- --3--5--5-- --5--2--5--| X2
CHORUS X2 (PLAY FILL RIFF TWICE) E E G sing me no more hymns G A when i get home A B leave them with god A E leave me alone PLAY INTRO PART 2 Verse 2 (same as verse one) i will do as i feel need be done to pay back what i owe for all the blood and all the lost ones until i feel the proper time has come leave me be and let me drink i need none of your good intentions FILL RIFF!!!!!!!! CHORUS!!!!! X2 FILL RIFF ACCOMPANIED BY SOLO SOLO (SIMILAR TO INTRO PART 2 ----I IMPROVISE ABIT) THEN LOTS OF REVERB WITH THE SAME FROM BOTH INTRO PARTS) INTRO PART 1 FOR OUTRO
----------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------|----------------------------|----7---5-------------------|------------7---5---3---0---|.......... E !!!!!!! WAHWAHWAHWAHWAH
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