Lucie Silvas - Twisting The Chain tab

^=hammer on

E) 3                2              0
B) 3                3              3
G) 0                2              0
D) 2                0              2
A) 2                -              3
E) 0                -              0

intro/main riff

E) ---3--3-2-0-------------0^2------------------0--|B) ---3--3-3-3-3--0------3-----3---------3---------|G) ---0--0-0-0-0--0----2---------2----------0------|D) 2----------------0------------------2------2----|A) 2-------------------------------0^3-------------|E) 0-----------------------------------------------|
build up to chorus chords:
E) 0---------------|3-------3-------|B) 1---------------|3-------3-------|G) 2---------------|5-------4-------|D) 2---------------|5-------5-------|A) 0---------------|3-------5-------|E) ----------------|--------3-------|
E) 0---------------|3-------5-------|B) 1---------------|3-------5-------|G) 2---------------|5-------7-------|D) 2---------------|5-------7-------|A) 0---------------|3-------5-------|E) ----------------|----------------|
for the chorus you play the main riff again somewhere in the middle there is some sort of bridge these are the chords
E) ----0-------0---|----0-------0---|B) ----0-------0---|----0-------0---|G) ----0-------x---|----4-------6---|D) 2-------4-------|5-------7-------|A) 2-------4-------|5-------7-------|E) 0-------2-------|3-------5-------|
with this you info you can play the hole song you only need to figure out when to play but that isn't hard to do now is it ;P
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