Luck Not Judgement - Rum Or Something tab

This is a new band called Luck not Judgement they are pretty kool and
i really enjoy their music i hope you do too.

Standered Tuning


Reapeat x3 Back to start E------------------|----------------|B------------------|----------------|G------------------|----------------|D--------------\7--|-777-555--------|A--2-x---2-xxx-\5--|-555-333-5555-5-|E--0-x-3-0-xxx-----|---------3333-3-|
Chorus Reapeat This x? Back to start E---------------------|------------------|B---------------------|------------------|G---------------------|------------------|D-x-77x77x-5-5-5-5555-|-x-777777-7--55---|A-x-55x55x-3-3-3-3333-|-x-555555-5--3355-|E-------------------------------------33-|
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