Lucky Boys Confusion - Love You From The Top Acoustic tab

This is my first tab and I haven't finished yet so if you want to add something e-mail me
This is the version played on the WGRD bootleg c.d.
Band: Lucky Boys Confusion
Song: Love you from the top (acoustic)
Album: WGRD bootleg cd
Tabber: Logan

Intro: Listen to the song to get the strumming and the mutes correct------------|------------|------------|-8--11--6---| 2 times-8--11--6---|-6--9---4---|
Verse 1: Play the same chords as above, the first part is palm muting and then it goes playing without the palm mute------------|------------|------------|-8--11--6---|-8--11--6---|-6--9---4---|
The end of the verse where it goes into the chorus"and what are we still waiting for"is played-------------|-------------|-------------|-8--4--6-----|-8--4--6-----|-6--2--4-----|
Chorus: Play these a couple times through again, listen to the song to get it and then end it, the last part is muted again completely-------------|-------------|-------------|-8--11--6--4-|-8--11--6--4-|-6--9---4--2-|
Mostly the song just repeats itself but I'll submit the other parts(bridge) and the little thing when i get around to it, I haven't really done it lately expect it soon though. If you figure it out before i do send it to me.
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