Lucky Jim – Our Troubles End Tonight tab

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Lyrics: Our Troubles End Tonight

EM                     D                           A         C
I don't feel like sleeping for to sleep is to forget
EM                     D                           A         C
There may be something but I haven't seen it yet
G                    D                           
There's an image in the atmosphere
A         C
Sliding out of view
D                           A
It's a smear against the blue
C                       G    E
Forget I was not true

Woke up to feeling that I should not be awake
Walking with legs that took me on towards the ache
That is growing in the space between
My folly and my youth
It's known to be the truth
The angels cloven hoof

Ah see the stars they get so pretty in the sky
And somehow it is time that we were conjunctae
Oh the pain of love is trivial
Up in the cosmic float
Othellos' dog is smote
It's too sunny for my coat

One day the gods decided we were on a roll
A grand reversal took its place within my soul
I am sad and I am sorry and I am sure it is not right
Our troubles end tonight
I think you're out of sight
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