Lucy Spraggan - Rockcliffe Bay tab

Hey guys its Censored coming back with a fresh tab from the one and only Lucy spraggan. 
This is a song she did with Ont'
Tabs 100% any questions or comments shoot me a message at

Capo on 4th Fret
Normal tuning

Main verse. StrumE------------------------------------------------2--------|B--0-3---0--------1-1-0-------1-0---0------------1--------|G----------2------------0-----0-0------0---------2--------|D------------0------------0---------------2------0--------|A-----------------2-2-2-------0-0-------------------------|E--3------------------------------------------------------|
chorus is just the basic shapes strummed. if you dont know what those are:
G ? ? D variante--3--0----0----2-----|b--3--2p0--1----1-----|g--0--0----0----2-----|d--0--0----2----0-----|a--2--2---------------|e--3--x---------------|
Thanks for "tuning in."
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