Lucy Woodward - Trust Me You Dont Wanna See This tab

Please just let me stray,
Look the other way,
Dm               Bb
I gotta do this alone,
'Cause I'm the only one here,
Don't misunderstand,
You're the perfect man,
But I'm not ready to go,
     Bb            Dm C Bb C
And settle down with you,
Dm             A
So close your eyes,
Bb         Gm  
Close your eyes

Dm       Bb
I'm not who you think I am,
F       C          
Let go, get out while you can,
Gm        Bb
Trust me, you don't,
F           C
You don't wanna see this,
Dm       Bb
I'll be trying everything,
F       C
Knee deep into anything,
Gm        Bb
Trust me, you don't
F       C
You don't wanna see this

I can't help myself,
I feel like someone else,
You're gonna thank me someday,
I'm saving you the heartache baby,
If you're still around,
While I'm slowing down,
I might follow you home,
But don't wait up for me,


Don't put up a fight,
Please don't kiss me goodnight,
A                         Gm
This was hard enough to say,
No, you can't change my mind,
Dm             A  Gm
Don't even try it


& Thats all there is to it!
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