Ludo - Skeletons On Parade chords

Skeletons on Parade
Prepare the Preparations

Note: This is the most extensive tab I have submitted to this site.  If I've made any
and I'm sure there are a few, I can only hope that you will be understanding and
 As always, constructive comments and corrections are more than welcome.  Also, I really 
it when people rate my tab(s)!  Enjoy!

Am Em Am EmBehind a curtain of towering pines the sun's settling red
EA city hidden high in the hills comes out to honor the dead
Am Em Am EmFamilies somberly walk through the town they build alters and pray
EClean the tombs and clutch rosaries and speak of better days
Am E C F#mFrom the edge of the island they ferry back to the shore
F C G EThey climb under their covers and pray a little more
Am E C F#mIn this ancient city of stone they sigh and bow their heads
F EThe living seem rather, well...dead
Am Em Am EmThe sun is down the earth shakes the wind doth howl
Em F C EAnd I'm making moves all across the park, we're stirring in the dark
Am Em Am EmThe caskets squeak, the trees wheeze, the crypts all creak
Em F CAnd toes sepulchered for months in months in dust
EAre wiggling off their , woah
Am Em Am EmShed your shrouds, slip your fingertips through the ground
Em F CGet those catacombs open I'm hoping you'll join us
EEverybody come on out, yeah
Am C F C GWhat a lovely, lovely night for a drink and a parade
Am C E
AmWe'll dance until the morning light, this town should be afraid
Am G Am G Am
F AmCandied pumpkins, sweet egg bread, we love rising from the dead
Am G Am G Am
F AmCarpals, tarsals, vertebrae, that's us clicking on parade
Am E G F#mI move without any muscles, my skull's a cavernous hall
F C G ETendons are made for pulling my friend, I don't need them at all
Am E C F#mMescal in our mandibles and porridge on our ribs
F5 E5Their prospects are looking quite grim
A5 G#5 A5 B5 F5 E5 F5 G#5 A5 B5 C5 D5 C5
A5 G#5Board the mariposas now, set sail for the quivering light ahead
A5 G#5 A5 B5 F5 E5 F5We're descending on the town
The living we're scaring, nightmaring in frightA|--7-6----7-----------------------------------|E|---------------3-2------3----6-5-6-----9-----|
They've waited forever to bring us together we finally wake them up tonight! E|-999999-888888-77777-0-5-|
Sweet riff:e|-5-5-875-3-5-3-0-0--5-5-875-3--5-5-875-3-5-3-0-------------|B|-----------------------------------------------3-3-323-5---|G|---------------------------------------------------------2-|
Yock dehay! A5 G#5A5 G5 E5 C5 A5 E5 F5 G5 Note: This is basically the whole song, sans two of the breakdowns. I will update this soon, but I would hate to risk losing all the work I've put into this, which has twice.
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