Django chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Luis Bacalov - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Luis Bacalov – Django chords ver. 2

G F GDjango, have you always been alone?
FDjango, have you never loved again?
Bb FYou must live on, woahhhoh
Bb ALife must go on for all
F G A F G AFor you cannot spend your life regretting
G F GDjango, you must face another day
FDjango, now your love has gone away
Bb FOnce you loved her, woahhhoh
Bb ANow you've lost her, woahhhoh
F G A DmBut you've lost her forever, Django
Bb When there are clouds in the sky
FAnd they are grey
BbYou may be sad, but remember
F G AThey'll often pass away
Dm Bb C A For, Django.. after the showers, the sun
G A DmWill be shining
DmDjango! Ohhhh, Django!
You must go on! Ohhh, Django!
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