Lukas Graham – Drunk In The Morning chords ver. 3

Its an other, some kind of souly version of this song. Please give it a chancce 
and try singing your own style.

Tuning: EADGBE

vers 1

CGirl, I got one question
GAre you still awake
Am FAwake and up for me to see you, see you
C GPlease just listen, yes i know it's late
Am F but better late than never
C I know it's 5 in the morning, morning
Gsure who i'm calling, calling
Am Fyou haven't heard from me in some time
Cgirl i hope you want it want it,
Gwhen you hear me talking, talking
Am Fyou know i've been out and is it ok I stop by
C GWhen i'm drunk in the morning,
Am Fi'm calling you, you might be lonely lonelyyy
C Gwhen i'm drunk in the morning
Ami'm calling you
Fyou might lonely, lonelyyy
vers 2
C G AmEmma i did and Sophie i kissed, baby
Fsophie i had in my hand, but i'm calling you
C Gbut not before it's past the woodclock
Am Fcause i'm balling with my boys, my boys, my boys
Pre-Chorus and Chorus again
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