Lukas Rossi - About Buckley Live In Ottawa tab

This is the song "About Buckley" that Lukas Rossi sang live in ottawa november 25th 2006
singer Jeff Buckley, Beautiful Song. I'm Sure this is like 98% right have fun with it
sure you get the song before tryin to play it by yourself.

Lukas Rossi: About Buckley live in Ottawa

full measure each: Em Am D(halfway through hammeron third fret e string) Am

Em                 Am
Playin for love to call my own
D                      Am
Just miles to roam and leave you alone
Em                 Am
Its bleeding in my eyes
D                  Am
Fear is gone away because of you
Em               Am
If you see me Im alone
D                Am
Even in the end my body turns to stone
Em Am  Em
I left myself
C/G       G                    D/F#m
Oh I left myself there did you know
Oh I left myself there did you know
Oh I left myself there did you know
C/G       G
Oh I left myself there.....
F#m F
Oh there....

guitar interlude:

PLAY THAT THREE TIMES AND THE LAST TIME DO THIS AT THE VERY ENDI-------------------------------|II-------------------------------|II-5-7-9---7-5/7\5--5-7-9--12----|II-7-9-10--9-7/9\7--7-9-10-14----|II-0-0-0---0-0------0-0-0--0-----|II-------------------------------|I
Em Am I came down sometimes.. D Am To take you away, I can't leave you now Em Am I feel alone beside myself .OH. D Am I feel alone because.. of you Em Am If you see me I'm alone D Am Even in the end my body turned to stone C/G G I left myself D/F#m I'm scared did you know C/G G D/F#m O I left myself there did you know. Whoa I left myself there did you know. C/G G F#m Whoa ..I left myself there F Oh there.
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