Luke Bryan - What Country Is chords

Capo 3rd fret

INTRO (Play Twice)

E, G, C, D


E GThere's a house fly swimming in my sweet tea
C DHey darling pass another Kerr jar to me
E GButter Dripping of a biscuit baby better take a bite
C DCantaloupe thumps like its finally ripe
E GBox fan on a lawn chair sucking in swamp air
C DTwo hundred mile marker signs from nowhere
E G C DThat's what country is
G Dadd9It ain't a rebel flag you bought at the mall
E Cadd9It's a hid-away bed in an old horse stall
G Dadd9 Aadd9, E, Cadd9, Dadd9Two kids getting caught, stealing a boons farm kiss
G Dadd9It ain't a John Deere cap that's never fell in the cotton
E Dadd9It's a Jimmy Rogers song that was long forgotten
Aadd9 Dadd9 Cadd9It's homemade peach ice cream on sun burnt lips
Dadd9That's what country is
E GWhen the sun starts slipping from The Delta sky
C Dand the last scarecrow tucks in for the night
E GMake a fire throw a blanket on a sandy bank
C DBout' an hour till' we feel the first catfish yank
E GBarefoot and a cane pole waving at the river boat
C Dand when they're gone take a dip in the moon glow
E G C DThats what country is
G Dadd9It ain't a jacked up truck that's never seen a pasture
E Dadd9It's cars pulling over for a no-cab tractor
Aadd9 Dadd9 Cadd9It's homemade peach ice cream on sun burnt lips
Aadd9 Dadd9 Cadd9No it cant be bought, it's something you're born with
Dadd9That's what country is
OUTRO (Play 3 times)
E, G, C, D That's what country is
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