Luke Bryan – I Dont Want This Night To End chords

This is my first tab, and I really like this song so I watched a bunch of youtube videos 
of Luke Bryan playing this song and eventually figured it out just by looking at his 
hands.  Enjoy.

Capo 3

F#mGirl, I know I don't know you.
EBut your pretty little eyes so blue,
Dare pulling me in like the moon on your skin.
F#m EI'm so glad you trusted me, this light up on this dusty sea.
DAnd let your hair down, and get outta town.
F#mGot the stars comin' out,
EOver my moon.
DAnd all I know now.
Is it's going good. CHORUS:
AYou got your hands up,
EYou're rocking in my truck.
DYou got the radio on,
You're singing every song.
AI'm set on cruise control.
E DI'm slowing loosing hold of everything I got.
You're looking so damn hot.
F#m EAnd I don't know what road we're on,
DOr where we've been from starrin' at you.
F#m E DGirl, all I know is I don't want this night to end.
F#mGonna cuss the morning,
When it comes.
ECause I know that the rising sun,
DAin't no good for me.
Cause you'll have to leave.
F#mGonna make the most of every mile.
EDo anything to make your smile,
DLand on my lips.
And get drunk on your kiss.
F#mThe clock on the dash,
ESays 3:35.
DThere's plenty of gas,
And the night's still alive. Repeat Chorus Bridge: F#m - E - D Repeat Chorus
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