Luke Doucet – Broken One chords

                             BROKEN ONE – Luke Doucet
Tabbed by: Wil-man-101

DISCLAIMER: This tab is over-simplified and modified. It is designed for amateurs 
and people who don't want to change the tuning on their guitars.

Capo 4
Standard Tuning

INTRO (fingerpicked) C Fe|--0-3-0-------0-----0-3-0-----------------|B|--------3-1-3-------------3-1-----1-----1-|G|------------------0-------------2-----0---|D|------------------------------3-----------|A|-3--------------3-------------------3-----|E|------------------------------------------|
CHORUS C Fe|-0-3-0-------0----0-3-0-------------|B|-------3-1-3------------3-1-----1---|G|------------------------------2-----|D|----------------------------3-------|A|----------------------------------3-|E|------------------------------------| One- me- One- cold-
C Ge|-0-3-0-------0----0-3-0----3--3-3-|B|-------3-1-3---------------0--0-0-|G|---------------------------0--0-0-|D|-------------------------0-0--0-0-|A|------------------------------2-2-|E|------------------------------3-3-| Then- me- a-lone-
One day you're gonna miss me One day you're gonna wake up cold. Then you'll wish that you could kiss me when you're old and you're alone.
C F So cry if you want to.
C Fmaj7 Yeah, you can come undone
F G But you gotta have a heart to have a broken one.
F-C-G-C (Play intro notes while strumming chords) VERSE
C F You can take your accusations.
C Fmaj7 C You can have all your records back.
C G You can have an opinion or a heart attack,
C Fmaj7 'Cause if you lose a kindred spirit,
C F you'll find another one.
G F C-G-C But you've gotta to pull the trigger to have a smoking gun.
CHORUS (no fingerpicking this time) (Play intro notes while strumming chords) (Solo ends on a C. walk up through notes D and E to...)
G F C Oh my girl, it must be so tight in your skin
G F G 'Cause there's no room to breathe- this fantasy you're living in.
C I need a new perpective,
F CI need a fresh start.
GI need a girl like you like a stolen car
C Because we all love the joyride
C F until you wind up dead.
G F C-G-CYou see, you don't need a heart to have a swollen head
CHORUS (again no fingerpicking) CHORDS: C: x32010 Fmaj7: x03210 F: 133211 G: 320003
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