Lullaby For The Working Class – The Man Vs The Tide Part 3 tab

Lullaby for the Working Class - The Man vs. the Tide (Part 3)

proof that this band existed:

Tariq Khan
tuning: standard

capo on 6th fret

G: 32000x


e|--------------------|B|-5-3-1--------------|G|-x-x-x-2-4-2---0----|D|-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-0----| x4A|-------------5------|E|--------------------|
e|---------------------x-|B|------------1--------0-|G|----0---------0------0-|D|------0---0-----(x2)-0-|A|3-3-----3------------2-|E|---------------------3-| (G)
^^ i noticed the guitar playing the A and D strings together sometimes, but I haven't really noticed a pattern during the arpeggio. just listen for what happens in the song. G I built me a raft Out of the trees Picked the tallest ones / the ones that grew up with me:
e|-------------3-2----xxxxxxxx--|B|00-5-3-1-111-1-x----00000000--| G|00-x-x-x-000-0-0----00000000--| it's hard to tab out the rhythm here, D|22-2-2-2-222-2-2-x2-00000000--| just listen for it.A|33-3-3-3-333-3-3----22222222--| E|--------------------33333333--|
another way you can play the C chord with the notes on the E string is by playing the C as a barre chord and playing the E notes on the B string, that actually sounds a little better. I just prefer this for my own comfort. G I tied my raft With the tallest vines Picked the strongest ones / ones I haven't yet squeezed dry:
e|-------------3-2----xxxxxxxx--|B|00-5-3-1-111-1-x----00000000--| G|00-x-x-x-000-0-0----00000000--|D|22-2-2-2-222-2-2-x2-00000000--| A|33-3-3-3-333-3-3----22222222--| E|--------------------33333333--|
Play the intro through. G Safely floating away My lantern dim With a wick I didn't light / I never even asked for light:
e|-------------3-2----xxxxxxxx--|B|00-5-3-1-111-1-x----00000000--| G|00-x-x-x-000-0-0----00000000--|D|22-2-2-2-222-2-2-x2-00000000--| A|33-3-3-3-333-3-3----22222222--| E|--------------------33333333--|
G Serenading the sky Under an audience of seagulls This blue sky Will I ever attain This blue sky Will I ever attain it This blue sky Will I ever attain you:
e|-------------3-2-|B|00-5-3-1-111-1-x-|G|00-x-x-x-000-0-0-|D|22-2-2-2-222-2-2-| over and over until:A|33-3-3-3-333-3-3-| E|-----------------|
G Blue sky The end! A beautiful track that's pretty fun and simple to play.
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