Lumineers - Morning Song chords

Artist: The Lumineers
Title: Morning Song
Album: The Lumineers (2012)

Tabbed by Zach

I'm not 100% sure this is correct but it sounds alright to me.


C     G     Am     C G   

CThe carbonation in my drink
GThe bubbles rise while my heart sinks
Am C GAnd I'll I tend to do is think of you
CWas it easier to pack your bags
GAnd book that flight to paris as
Am C GThe plane began to move that afternoon
Interlude: C G Am C G
CWhen all the trains have pulled away
GFrom local stations in decay
Am C GIt's I who waits, it's you who's late again
CAnd did you think of me when you made love
GTo him, was it the same as us
Am C GOr was it different, it must have been
Interlude: C G Am C G
C G CAnd all the pretty dames
F Am GThey'll hug and kiss you all the same
F CAnd when they go, they're gone
Am G E FThey're not run-ning late
C G COh all, all the pretty dames
C G CAnd the kids you hold in your arms
F Am GWith promises to protect them from harm
F CBut they grow, and they go
Am G E FAnd you're all a-lone
C G CAll the kids, all the kids that you hold
C G C And it's a shame that it ends this way
F Am GWith nothing left to say
F C Am G E FSo just sit on your hands, while I walk aw-ay
C G CIt's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame
C G CWhen my hands begin to shake
F Am GWhen bitterness is all I taste
F CAnd may car won't stop
Am G E FCause I cut the brakes
C G CI hold on to a hope in my fate
C G COh oh ah ah hey hey
F Am GMay you return to love one day
F CWell I hope and I pray
Am G E FYou get what you gave
C G COh oh ah ah hey hey
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