Lumineers – Submarines chords ver. 3

The trick to this song is staying on top of the triplets when you're strumming. 
Some of the chords are “transitions” so listen for the changes.  On the C-Cadd9 
change, you just drop your pinky down right before the Em. 


G C Cadd9 Em D I believe submarines
G C Cadd9 Em D Underneath deep blue seas
G C Cadd9 Em D Saw the flags: Japanese
G C Cadd9 Em D No one will believe me
Em D Ran back to the town bar and
GI told the people how
Em DI had seen the submarine and
CEveryone laughed aloud
G C Cadd9 Em D G C Cadd9 Em D
G C Cadd9 Em D I did spy periscopes
G C Cadd9 Em DDead of night on the eastern coast
G C Cadd9 Em DThe police made them jokes
G C Cadd9 Em DTold me I'd seen a ghost
Everyone thinks I'm a liar No one knows the truth If it was a bigger fire I would be on the roof Ships will rust in Baldwin Bay (Let me go!) No one trusts what I say (I don't know!) Oh my God, no one paid (Attention!) Overnight my hair turned gray (Oh oh oh!) In the end it boils down to credibility I had none, so I will die with the secrets of the sea (Submarine! Can't find me! Submarine!) Submarine... (Submarine!)
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