Luna - Speedbumps tab

Song: Speedbumps
Artist: Luna (written by Dean Wareham)
Album: Rendezvous

Song Tabbed by: Ralph Koziarski

This is a great song, and very very easy to play


over and over again as quick downstrokes while bass plays the following
Verse: Play A, E5, Bm as bar chords (Bm on 7th fret) A E5 Bm We were brown and we were down A E5 Bm We were black and we were slack A E5 Bm We are digging us a hole A E5 Bm there is nothing in this bowl Chorus: Same as verse except let open strings sound
Ex. A E5 Bm--0--0--0--|--0--0--0--|--6--9--7--|--7--9--9--|--7--7--9--|--5--0--7--|
A E5 Bm On the way to Kansas City A E5 Bm Tell me who im supposed to be A E5 Bm Its raining rain its raining snow A E5 Bm tell me where you want to go Break down Following the chorus guitar 1 plays the same chords but partially palm muted while guitar two plays one note embellishments that should be improvised.
and so forth verse 2 (Bass only) A E5 Bm I don't want to take your call A E5 Bm I refuse to climb your wall (guitar 1 comes back in) A E5 Bm I don't want to ride your buss A E5 Bm I am tired of all of us Durring the second verse, the lead guitar throws in this quick frill after the Bm
----------------|----------------|-9p7--x--9p7----|-9----x--9------| (play somewhat muted)----------------|----------------|
Ch. On the way to Kansas City, tell me who i'm supposed to be. It's raining rain, it's raining snow, tell me where you want to go. Break down before the solo play with your feedback to get an effect not unlike a teapot whistle starting to go off. Solo ( w/fuzz distortion) this is not exact, its just here to give you an idea of the notes being played. Improvise around this theme or listen to the album and play along
Like in all of his other solos, Sean Eden takes a rather simple line and makes it melodic and pretty. Remember to be lyrical when playing, the melody more or less follows that of the vocals. Outro Durring the outro the play the barre chords with open strings very quickly and powerfully. To get that background ring, one of the guitars can play the following chords instead. But this isn't done in the actual song
end abruptly. I'm in the process of figuring out a lot of other songs from "Rendezvous" so stay tuned. Here's a preview of whats next: Chord progression for "Still at Home" Verse: A, F#m Chorus: D, A, E Outro Solo: F#m, E, B Any comments, requests or corrections. Email to
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