Lupe Fiasco – Superstar Acoustic tab

This is my first tab. I'm nearly 100% sure that it is right.   That is the song

In the acoustic version of this song the bass line is played with the chords. It goes like this : 

|e-------------||B-------------| |G-------------| |D-------------| |A-------------| |E--0--2--3----| G, G
|e-------------||B-------------||G-------------||D-------------||A-----0-------||E--3-----2----| D, D
|e-------------||B-------------||G-------------||D-------------||A-------------||E--2--3--0----| Em, Em
|e-------------||B-------------||G-------------||D-------------||A-------------||E--0--0--0----| Em, Em
and back to the start again When the chords come in you play G, D, Em, Em. listen to the song to figure out the strumming
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