Lupe Fiasco – Superstar Acoustic chords

So there are two other chord versions on here, which are both good and essentially right
but I don't think either are completely accurate, this is how I think it is played, but
feel free to disagree and correct me if you feel differently!

(I'm basing this on the radio one live lounge version, haven't actually listened to the
original much so if it is different I do apologise, but I love the acoustic version!)

G D/F# EIf you are what you say you are, a superstar
Em D/F# GThen have no fear, the camera's here
D/F# E EmAnd the microphones and they wanna know, oh oh oh, yeah....
The rest of the song is just a repeat of this with him finger picking ang hammering-on some notes in the verses. (If we're being picky the second D/F# that rises back to G could be said to be Em9/F# as
from what I can see he just takes his finger off of E on the D string and puts it on F#without actually playing a D chord, but as this is just a passing chord it doesn't
matter too much what you're playing as long as there's an F# in the bass!) Hope this might be helpful!
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