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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 15:08:59 -0800
From: (Scott, Mari & Brian )
Subject:  Crd:"Bitter" Lush

                                "Bitter" by Lush
                             Written by Miki Berenyi
                            Transcribed by Brian Ebbitt

Just don't imagine that I'll still remember you
Don't even think I'll try
I'll take my memories and drown them in my glass
And then I'll drink a toast of bitterness and wash you from my
I count the blessings that took you away from me
I laugh to think I cried
I don't need what you got I don't miss what you do

'Cause I can raise my glass and drink a toast of bitterness to you


And now my mind recalls no memory of you
And so I raise a smile and drink a toast of bitterness to you

Just don't imagine that I still remember you
Don't even think I care
You took your love elsewhere and I drank mine away
With bitter thoughts of you that washed my memories of you away

E Am G De----0-----5---3----2--------|b----0-----5---3----3--------|g----1-----5---4----2--------|d----2-----7---5----0--------|a----2-----7---5----x--------|E----0-----5---3----x--------|
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