Kiss Chase chords with lyrics by Lush - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lush – Kiss Chase chords

Am C GTiny children on their own
Dm Amthey learn so fast
C GHow to make new friends,
Dmhow to play their new games
C F GI remember a man he had shiny hair
C F GAlways hanging around when you went away
Am CLittle eight year old,
G Dmshe knows too many secrets
Am C GMuch too young to understand
Dmwhat it means
C F GI remember a woman with silver hair
C F Dm GAnd the smell and the taste of the bed we shared
Am EAnd that's how I behaved
F GEvery time that you went away
Am EAnd now, though I'm older nothing's
F Gchanged (playing the same games)
Am EAnd I knew every day
F GCame a chance that you'd leave me
Am E F GSo I found what I could to take your place
Am GTold me not to cry
Am CSaid that I'd survive
Dm GAs he waved goodbye
Am GAnd I want to try
Am CNot to make you cry
Dm EmWant us to survive
Dm GNever say goodbye
(same as above, end on Am) But that's how I behave when you go away Because though I'm older nothing's changed (playing the same games) And I know every day There's a chance that you'll leave me So I find what I can to take your place
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