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Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 21:18:39 -0400
From: (J)

Fifteen, by Lustre  (4.28)
from their self-titled debut on A&M Records c1996

Chords used:

A D E F G C3 D3 ^ ^ These guys are just 3rd inversions of the movable A barre. I use these to add more bass to the sound when I'm playing alone. Cut out the low E string for the regular movable A if you want. For the {harmonics} part, just lay your finger over the 12th fret and slam away. ~ With some Weezeresque bass heavy distortion ~ Intro Riff, repeated 2x: 0.03-0.17 ------------------------
|----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------||------7-----5---------------------------------------------------||------------------7-----5------------5-----7-----9-----7-----5--||---5-----5-----5-----5-----5--7--5------5-----5-----5-----5-----| ^ remember this point!Verse 1: 0.17-0.45--------
This is a problem for your sanity A D3 A She could make you feel O K E D (Uh-oh)? E3 A D3 This is a person, not an age A D3 A As you ground the two (winged knees)? E D ? ? E3 A D3 Transition, same as to the up arrow of intro riff: 0.45-0.47 -------------------------------------------------- Bridge: 0.48-1.01 ------- Spend your days FsG FsG C3 FsG Around the bend {harmonics} FsG Spin your wheels FsG C3 FsG {harmonics} A Chorus: 1.02-1.25 ------------------ I can't help you D I can't help you D I can't help you D I can't help you D Intro riff, same as before: 1.25-1.43 --------------------------- Verse 2: 1.43-2.10 ------------------- Your voice brings her to calamity A D3 A She's melting in your cool eyes E D Uh-oh (?) E3 A D3 You never heard her mouth say no A D3 A Someone has got to show her someday E D Somehow E3 A D3 Transition, as before: 2.10-2.13 ---------------------- Bridge, as before: 2.13-2.27 ------------------ Chorus, as before: 2.27-2.54 ------------------ Intro riff, like before, with this dubbed over: 2.54-3.08 -----------------------------------------------
Bridge, as before: 3.09-3.22 ------------------ Chorus, as before, 3x: 3.22- ---------------------- ~ Fade out slow from the middle of the 2nd time through the chorus ~ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Questions, comments, or short fiction to J ----------------------------------------------------------------
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