Luti-kriss – Petty Larson tab

This tab is not 100 percent correct because this is all from memory..but really really close...... i just thought that i would put it in here because it might trigger somebodies mind to add another tab for this awsome band... o and they changed their name to the norma jean.. so you might also want to look under that if you are searching for their tabs or if you wanted to submit one.....anyway heres the song..
 off of the "throwing myself" albumn
  song name is "petty larson"

intro/verse PART 1* PART 2*e--5///S7//S8-//////-(twice)-5//x///xx--(twice)--B--5///S7//S8-//////-(then )-5//x///xx-----------G--7///S9//S10//////-(play )-7//x///xx-----------D--7///S9//S10//////---------7//x///xx-----------A--5///S7//S8-//////---------5//x///xx-----------E--5///S7//S8-//////---------5//x///xx----------- play this 5 times and the play the second part of this acouple times before changing to the next will know when to change if you listen to the song. heres the next part
second verse PART THREE*e--8-////-7///-5////////--8-////////--7////////B--8-////-7///-5////////--8-////////--7////////G--10////-9///-7////////--10////////--9////////D--10////-9///-7////////--10////////--9////////A--8-////-7///-5////////--8-////////--7////////E--8-////-7///-5////////--8-////////--7////////
play this and right after it add part 2 of this song twice..over all play this section twice (part 2 is located above) PART 4* PART 5*e--------------------------------------------------B-------(Play twice)---------------(Play twice)----G--7////s9///s10////////-------10///////--9////////D--7////s9///s10////////-------10///////--9////////A--------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------- play this section twice and then play part 2 twice and hold the last chord as the song changed tempo...
introludePart 6* PART 7* PART 8*e--4//--3 PLAY THIS--4///--3 PLAY THIS--4-3-4-3B--4//--3 PART 12 --4///--3 4 TIMES --4-3-4-3G--6//--5 TIMES --6///--5 --6-5-6-5D--6//--5 --6///--5 --6-5-6-5A--4//--3 --4///--3 --4-3-4-3E--4//--3 --4///--3 --4-3-4-3this section can be tricky.. but i have made it kinda simple.. i will tell you what order it is played but i don't have time to count how many times if you have the song then it should be no problem..... but first there is one more part to the introlude so here that is first
introlude continue..PART 9*e------------B------------ G--XXXXXXXX--D--XXXXXXXX--A--XXXXXXXX--E--XXXXXXXX-- here is the order by parts for the introlude 6..7..8..6..8..9..8..9..8..9..8 you might of realized that the 3rd and 4rt time part 8 is played it is slow but the others its fast... if you didn't realize well thats why i brought it up... now the rest of the song uses these parts.... the end section after the introlude goes back to the fist parts... just follow what you already have learned and you will have the somg down.... its an awsome song.... thats all... need more tabs for bands like these... email me..
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