Luti-kriss – Light Blue Color tab

Song:light blue collar
Albulm:throwing myself
tabs provided by:Skyler Blue (

i was tired or just not paying attention when i tabbed
this and name it last time... this is the right name, 
the blacksmith song which i added earlier is actually
"light blue collar" so i am clearing up the confusion
note: blacksmith will be added soon! dun dun duuuuun!

intro/verse: part 1 e----------------------------b----------------------------g----------------------------d-00-6-00--------------------a-00-6-00--------------------D-00-6-00-0-1-0-1-2-1-0-1----
intro/verse: part 2e--------------------------------------b--------------------------------------g--------------------------------------d--------------------------------------a--------------------------------------D-0-0-0-0-1p0-0-0-0-0-1p0-1p0-2p0------
it goes back and forth between these two parts then
Chorus: e-------------------------------b-------------------------------g-------------------------------d-0h1-1-1-0-0h1-1-1-0-----------a-0h1-1-1-0-0h1-1-1-0-----------D-0h1-1-1-0-0h1-1-1-0----------- the chorus section is kinda tricky at first it plays through acouple times and then it plays once or something along those lines... you'll figure it out if you have the song...
introlude:e------------------b------------------g------------------ this is played on the 10thd-10s11------------ and 11th fret not the 1st a-10s11------------ and open.. it looks confusingD-10s11------------ so i thought i would let you know the intolude plays back and forth for a while and then they mute all strings and play it again..
this riff is played acouple times and then moves up an octive to..e-----------------------------b-----------------------------g-----------------------------d-5-555h6p5s3-55-6-555h6------a-----------------------------D-----------------------------
this playes until the end of the song where they do something with "e" and "b" string aroung the12-15 fret not sure exactly what but i play thise-13~----b-12~---- and i add some tremelo.. or shake it alittle.
well that about it.. you will notice that some of it might not sound ecact because they have two guitars and when playing one it sounds different.... the guitar i tab is mostly the low sounding one.. they play one tuned different playing an octive higher and sometimes something completley different so this is the best one one person can alone... and question or comments or suggestions email me at
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