Lutricia Mcneal - Aint That Just The Way chords version 1

Standard tuning; EADGBE

C BmHe was a very special warm and gentle person
C Bmwho put the music in the world and spoke in rhyme
C Bmand it hurts me that I never really knew him
C G 'cause all it would have taken was some time
C Bm you know he always seemed to be there when I stumbled
C Bmand when mountains got too steep for me to climb
C Bmand it tears me up to think I never touched him
C G'cause all it would have taken was some time
EmWell, ain't that just the way that life goes
Bmdown, down, down, down
C Gmovin' way too fast or much too slow
Emgettin' up, gettin' high, gettin' down
Bmgettin' no, no, nowhere
C Gbut not gettin' into someone I should know
Same as verse before; Now he's in another place and I can't reach him and I feel as though I'm guilty of a crime I took all he had to give and gave him nothin' and all it would have taken was some time Chorus x 2
EmGettin' up gettin' high, gettin' down,
Bmgettin' no, no, nowhere repeat (3X then fade out)
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