Lydia - A Camera Lens And Careful Days chords

Intro: D, Bm, A

D It's always blue and black or breaking skin,
BmWell cover up girl we'll finally leave again.
AAnd you breath me in so well,
DIn your room under the cover of this night.
BmWe are safe; we are, as long as you whisper.
ABut my eye was caught by your picture.
AThat's hanging from your mirror,
BmLike something you forgot.
AI'll say that we couldn't sleep just staring at the clock.
BmBut when numbers seem to blur and the reflection is lost.
A Anything is love as you stare into your box.
DSo now we're used to the rain.
BmWe can swim and I'll say we were, never worried.
A DBecause the floods will only bring the coast, and Atlantic closer.
BmI thought I told you girl.
AI thought I showed you the reason.
That all I truly want is to get in your head.
AAnd steal your imagery.
BmSo we can both go to your second story house.
AYou would never believe this snow.
It's so heavy on our lungs.
Bm A But it's creeping up your walls and closing down the roads.
But I swear I'm loving while.
Bm AI swear I still will hide away from the cold.
D"I think that for me, everyday would be the last day of summer.
Or I'd be left out in the cold, with no place to go.
Bm ABecause, there are very few people that I can relate to
Dto every day of my life, forever, that will understand me,
Because I've gone places where very few people ever go.
BmI mean, I played the ultimate gamble of all; I gambled my life."
A"You're fine, go back to work and we'll let you know when she comes.".
Interlude: A, Bm (Leave the E string ringing)
A Bm I swear we're almost there and we'll be safe inside
A Bm Down those stairs to your room where I could stay for days
A Bm Substance is over us, please don't do this
A Bm 'Cause this may never change, oh, but I'm still here, here
A It's all the same
Outro: D, Bm, A
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