Lykke Li - Knocked Up Acoustic chords

Lykke Li - Knocked Up (Kings of Leon Cover)
Acoustic (as seen here:
Standard Tuning

Chords used: "G" "G2" "Bm" "Bm2"e|-0---0----0----2-|B|-3---0----3----3-|G|-0---0----4----4-|D|-0---0----4----4-|A|-x---x----x----x-|E|-3---3----x----x-|
In the "G"-chord, you put your pointing finger on the E string, and your fuckyou finger on the B string. This is just to simplify the transition into the "Bm"-chord, in which you only need to put your ring finger and your pinky on the G and D string (as a regular Bm-chord would be played).
Intro/Verse (G and Bm)e|---------0-0-------------0-0-----|B|---3---------2-----3---------2---|G|-----0---------0-----0---------0-|D|-------0---------------0---------|A|---------------------------------| \E|-3---------------3---------------| \
repeat until choruse|---------0-0-------------0-0-----| /B|---3---------3-----3---------3---| /G|-----4---------4-----4---------4-|D|-4-----4---------4-----4---------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Chorus/Bridge (G2 and Bm2)e|---------------------------------|B|---0-----0-0-------0-----0-0-----|G|-----0-------0-------0-------0---|D|-------0-------0-------0-------0-|A|---------------------------------|E|-3---------------3---------------|
Structure: The Intro/Verse-thing goes for two rounds in the intro, then it repeats for somewhat 8 rounds in the verse, but when Lykke sings the "where we're gonna go"-part they play the G2 chord (bridge). That's about it, a very easy song to play. Listen to the song a few times and you'll pick the structure up better than me explaining it.
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