Lykke Li - Hanging High chords

			     Hanging High - Lykke Li
Tabbed by:Scott

Opening chord: Bm

A very simple melody to be plucked out over the vocals

Play the above over the first two lines of the song, this same pattern is simply shifted the neck throughout the song. Alternatively you can play the chords although due to the simplicity of the song they are not strummed. VERSE 1
GOh thunder in my heart, this razor's cutting sharp
BmAnd leaves me with an ever bleeding scar
Repeat the above line twice just after 'scar' and then return to the first pattern for next lines:
GSo soft, so suddenly, so that I cannot breathe
BmI'm drawn into a circle painted black
For the chorus (and if you're playing chords over the verse), enunciate each chord with single downward stroke and let it ring. These chords may not be 100% but the reason have had problems figuring them out is because the vocals drown them out a bit. I don't if what I'm playing is Dsus or Dmaj7, but refer to the chord list at the bottom. CHORUS
DOh I'm hanging high (oh im hanging high),
DsusOh won't you let me down (Oh won't you let me down)
Dmaj7I'm back where I started at, (back where i started at)
Dmaj7you know I'm a little lost (y'know i'm a little lost)
DAnd when it hurts the most, (when it hurts the most)
DsusI'll push a little more (push a little more)
Dmaj7I'm back where I started at,(back where i started at)
Dmaj7you know I'm a little lost
Repeat for the next verse and chorus, I believe the song finishes as it began, strumming Bm until fadeout. Chords
G Bm D Dsus Dmaj7e|----3-----------2-----------2----------0-------------1---------------------|B|----0-----------3-----------3----------2-------------2---------------------|G|----0-----------4-----------2----------2-------------3---------------------|D|----0-----------4-----------0----------0-------------0---------------------|A|----2-----------2----------------------------------------------------------|E|----3-----------2----------------------------------------------------------|
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