Lykke Li - Paris Blue chords

I saw this wasn't in the archive so I decided to try it for myself, its not much, but 
it'll do. Pretty much the same pattern as the intro throughout. if you listen to the song 
the plucking is easy to pick up.

Capo on 4th


C Em C Em Am Em Dm Em

C Em All the while you lay your streets for me,
C Em I cursed the pavement that I walked
Am Em All the while you loaned your nights to me,
Dm EmI was unable to forget.
C EmSo I didn't kiss you like I should
C Em Didn't grace you like I meant.
Am Em Never once did I lay my eyes on you
Dm Em And all along you saw me cry.
Dm EmOoooo
Dm EmOoooo
C EmI'm Paris blue, I miss you
C EmI'm not good enough for you Paris blue
Am EmI'm no good, I'm no good,
Dm EmI'm no good, Paris blue.
All the while you shared your heart with me, I was unfaithful in your bed. My thoughts drift towards Malibu Wishing he was by my side So I blamed you for the rain, I blamed you for my loss Maybe once but never twice for you Oh momon I did you wrong Ooooo Ooooo Chorus x2
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