Lykke Li – Love Out Of Lust chords

Lykke Li - Love out of Lust

Here are the chords for this wonderful song, my favourite from the album.

Standard Tuning, no capo. 


E A G#m A x2


E A G#m ARather die in your arms, than die lonesome
E A G#m ARather die hard, than die hollow
C#m AThe higher that I climb
F#m G#m the deeper I fall down
C#m AI'm running out of time
F#m BSo let's dance while we're waiting
E AWe will live longer than I will
G#m AWe will be better than I was
E AWe can cross rivers with our will
G#m Awe can do better than I can
E Aso dance while you can
G#m ADance cause you must
E ALove out of lust
G#m ADance while you can
Repeat verse and chorus, i.e. same chords for the rest of the song. The bridge uses the same chords as well. Lovely tune /Stubbgubben
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