Lyle Lovett - Texas Trilogy chords

TEXAS TRILOGY (Steven Fromholz)
Performed by Lyle Lovett on "Step Inside this House"
Originally Submitted by Mark Albert
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Dm Em F EmSix o'clock silence of a new day beginning
Dm G AIs heard in the small Texas town
Dm Em F EmLike a signal from nowhere the people who live there
Dm G AAre up and they're moving around
D7 G7'Cause there's bacon to fry and there's biscuits to bake
D7 G7On the stove that the Salvation Army won't take
D7 G7And you open the windows and you turn on the fan
A A/G A/F A/E'Cause it's hotter than hell when the sun hits the land
VERSE 2 Walter and Fanny, well they own the grocery That sells most all that you need They've been up and working since early this morning They've got the whole village to feed They put out fresh eggs, throw bad ones away That rotted because of the heat yesterday The store's all dark so you can't see the flies That settle on round steak and last Monday's pies VERSE 3 Sleepy Hill's Drugstore and the cafe they're open The coffee is bubbling hot And all the folks that ain't working gonna sit there 'till sundown And talk about what they ain't got Someone just threw a clutch in the old pickup truck It seems like they been riding on a streak of bad luck The doctors bills came and the well has gone dry Seems their grown kids don't care whether they live or die
CODA: G----------
G FWell, the last time I remember that train stoppin at the depot
C GWas when me and my Aunt Veta came riding back from Waco
G FI remember I was wearing my long pants and we was sharing
C GConversation with a man who sold ball-point pens and paper
F C GAnd the train stopped once in Clifton where my Aunt bought me some ice cream
F C GAnd my Mom was there to meet us when the train pulled into Kopperl
F C GBut now kids at night break window lights
F C GAnd the sound of trains only remains
F C GIn the memory of the ones like me
F C GWho have turned their backs on the splintered cracks
F C GIn the walls that stand on the railroad land
F C GWhere we used to play and then run away
C From the depot man
VERSE 2 I remember me and brother used to run down to the depot Just to listen to the whistle blow when the train pulled into Kopperl And the engine's big and shiny black as coal that fed the fire And the engineer he'd smile and say, "Howdy, how you fellows?" And the people by the windows playing cards and reading papers Seemed as far away to us as next summer's school vacation CHORUS ---------- TEXAS TRILOGY: BOSQUE COUNTRY ROMANCE VERSE 1
C F G CMary Martin was a schoolgirl just seventeen or so
C F D GWhen she married Billy Archer about fourteen years ago
F G C FNot even out of high school folks said it wouldn't last
D GBut when you grow up in the country, you grow up mighty fast
C F G VThey married in a hurry in March when school was out
C F D GFolks said that she was pregnant, "You just wait and you'll find out."
F G C FIt came about that winter, one gray November morn
C G CThe first of many more to come, a baby boy was born
C FAnd cattle is their game, and Archer is the name
D GThey give to the acres that they own
F G C FIf the Brazos don't run dry and the newborn calves they don't die
C AmAnother year from Mary will have flown
C G CAnother year from Mary will have flown
VERSE 2 Now Billy kept what cattle his daddy could afford As he went bouncing across the cactus in a 1950 Ford But the cows were sick and skinny and the weeds was all that grew But Billy kept the place alive the only thing he knew And Mary cooked the supper and Mary scrubbed the clothes And Mary busted horses and blew the baby's nose And Mary and a shotgun kept the rattlesnakes away And how she kept on smiling no one could ever say (CHORUS) VERSE 3 Now the drought of '57 was a curse upon the land No one in Bosque County could give ol' Bill a helping hand The ground was cracked and broken and the truck was out of gas And cows can't feed on prickly pear instead of growing grass Well the weather got the water and a snake bite took a child And a fire in the old barn took the hay that Bill had piled The mortgage got the money and the screw worm got the cows The years have come for Mary; she's waiting for them now (CHORUS) CODA (repeat DAYBREAK VERSE 1 in Am)
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