Lyndsay Diaries – Consequences Of Learning How To Fly tab

Alright, well I saw this song that was wrong so I decided to at least put the intro up. 
can e-mail me at for comments or corrections.

The strumming pattern is weird, but you get used to it after listening to the song and 
Hint: Pick down, and then strum up.

      Am                               G

e|----0-----0-----0-----0-------0---0----3------------|B|----2--2--2-----2-----2-------1---3----0------------|G|----2-----2--2--2-----2-------2---2----0------------| x8D|----1-----1-----1--1--1----3--3---3----0------------|A|--0-x-----x-----x-----x-------x---x----2------------|E|----x-----x-----x-----x-------x---x----3------------|
This is basically most of the song. Here's another way to play it, too. If you're a half step down, put a capo on the 5th fret. If you are in regular tuning, your capo on the 4th fret. E C D
e|----0-----0-----0-----0-------0---0----2--3---------|B|----0--0--0-----0-----0-------1---3----3--3---------|G|----0-----0--0--0-----0-------0---0----0--0---------| x8D|----2-----2-----2--2--2-------2---2----0--0---------|A|--2-2-----2-----2-----2----3--3---3----x--x---------|E|----x-----x-----x-----x-------x---x----x--x---------|
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