Lyndsay Diaries - The Magic In Number 19 tab

The Lyndsay Diaries - The Magic In Number 19 
By:Andrew Mcshan(

put a capo on the 4th fret

Intro/Verse/Choruse|-0--0--0----------| B|-1--1--1----------|G|-2--0--0----------|D|-2--2--0----------|A|-0--3--2----------| E|-0--0--3----------|
e|--0--0----------| B|--1--1----------|G|--0--0----------|D|--2--0----------|A|--3--2----------| E|--0--3----------|
She said it looks as if youv'e lost your best friend I tell her, ive definitely lost something close to me I can taste the failure on my lips You know I would love to just go back Cause i can feel the world biting at my heels She's selling herself short, and it costs all she has Paying for all the smiles and forcing back the tears at the questions asked Theres just too many romances that expire at the stroke of midnight Stare straight at the wall, until the tears come Theres something about the night and it gets me everytime Is it already too late to dream, they move on and i stand still Theres something about the night and it gets me every time To highlight your dreams is to give into a false reality I gave up. I gave in. the joke is always on me Love gone bad with age these are surely the signs of the times I know you would give everything if you could. But sometimes its just not enough to be told the words "everything will be okay" Can I just break down and fall into your arms Can I fall into your arms. Can I fall into your arms
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