Lyndsay Diaries – Dear Lyndsay No Regrets tab

F       G        A     G         F    G         A          G 
Watered down emotions. Don't cater well to the dissident heart.
And staring glances. Only make a heart wander.
I think I'll throw these emotions to the wind.
And let them scatter, just let them scatter.
F   F   F     G   G  
The good guy never wins.
A    A              C    C    
Don't you see it's not me in your arms.
So don't try and tell me differently.
I'm not impartial to a sacrificed romance.
Based on feeling blowing in the breeze.
  F         G       A       G    
I'll reject the moon and the night altogether.
Listen to the music, just try to understand the afternoon.
Maybe I'll just sit here for forever until I die.
And maybe the night will never come.


B/C  C , B/C, C  C  C  C  C  C , hold c until end
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