Tuesdays Gone With The Wind tab with lyrics by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesdays Gone With The Wind tab

C          G  Am                  F
Train roll on, many miles from my home
C          G      Am (add F)
Riding my blues away

C          G         Am (add F)
Tuesday's gone with the wind

...can't remember the words off hand.

I Could be wrong, but I remember it like this:

A          E  F#m                  D
Train roll on, many miles from my home
A             E      D
I'm riding my blues away

A          G         D
Tuesday's gone with the wind

So it's   A  E  F#m  D 
and later A  E  D  
          A  G  D

chord formations(all basic forms):

A   -02220
E   022100
F#m 244222
D   --0232
G   320003

and here is the intro (as far as I can tell and remember). 
The bridge is the same with little variations.

It has been years since I last played this (or as a matter of fact even
listened to it), so the timing might be a little off. And besides I've
never been good with notes and notation.

If anybody is interested I could see if I can remember the bridge.
The same applies to the solo, although I'm not sure if I know (or knew) 
the solo. 

You'll have to excuse my (propably) unorthodox tabbing. 
This is my first posting.

e-------------------------------------------------------------------------b-------------------------------------------------------------------------g-4^6---^4^6^4-2-----4^---6^4^6^4-------4^6^4^6^4-------|2----------------d---------------------------------2---------------4--------------------2h4a----------------------------------------------------------5\4/5---2h4----e------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ = bend | = pause / \ = slide h = hammer-on
e-----------------------------------------0-----------0-----------0-------b-----5-----5.....|-------5-5-----5-----------3-----------3-----------3---g-2h4-4^6...6^4-2---------4-4h6---4---------------------------------------d-------------------2-----------------0-----------0-----------0-----------a-------------------------------------------------------------------------e------------------------------------------------------------------------- .. = hold or let ring
e----0--------------------------------------------------------------------b--------3---2h3h5p2------------------------------------------------------g--------------------2----------------------------------------------------d0------------------------------------------------------------------------a-------------------------------------------------------------------------e------------------------------------------------------------------------- p = pull-off
The last 5 notes might be played by keyboards on the recording. Also the 12 notes before it are played differently in the middle of the song:
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