Lynyrd Skynyrd – Lucky Man tab


This song is in the key of B minor Aoleon. IT IS TUNED IN Eb TUNING-(down a half step) I 
using a 12-string guitar just as skynyrd, I do and it sound fantastic! I admit, some 
are not perfect, but this is to the best of my ability.

 Dmaj   ???   Bm?  Dmaj  Amaj   Bm  Gmaj   Em
e 10   e 9    e 7  e -   e 5   e 2  e 3   e 0
B 10   B 10   B 7  B -   B 5   B 2  B 3   B 0
G 11   G 9    G 7  G 7   G 6   G 3  G 4   G 0
D 12   D 11   D 9  D 7   D 7   D 4  D 5   D 2
A 12   A 9    A 9  A 5   A 7   A 4  A 5   A 2
E 10   E -    E 7  E -   E 5   E 2  E 3   E 0

Key : Bm Aoleon

Intro chords :

   Dmaj (12th fret)   ???          Bm?        Bm?

e-------10-------------9--------C--------C-9/10-7-----|B-10--------10------9------9----H--------H------------|G--------------11-----9---------O--------O-6/7 -4-----|D----12---12-------11----11-11--R--------R------------|A-12----------------------------D--------D------------|E-------------------------------S--------S------------|
Okay. The verse is the same as the intro, but you hold those Bm? chords, no 12 string over them. Do this for 3 verses, the fourth is: Em----Em----Gmaj---Amaj---- Then I'd find an open space for me to live out all my dreams Em Gmaj Amaj Then the chorus, which is as follows. *note, the guitar is kept in time, the singer I think about 1/4 measure before the repeat of the chorus. Lucky man Strong man Tear Weaker \/ Dmaj (7th fret) A Bm G /\ 2 times Then there is this Iremember all the things that I been through EM Amaj Gave myself to all those people I once knew Em Gmaj Amaj Amaj Here is the fun!! the first Rossington lead. The backup for here is as follows: Dmaj (7th fret) A Bm G The lead is this: *not in time with the chords above*
Repeat the verse and the chorus. Repeat the chorus but DO NOT SING IT. This is the fun part for us guitarist, the 2nd for Rossington. you repeat the ENTIRE chorus as the back up for the guitar and piano. the is as follows: * If you want to try to figure out the piano, it is in Dm Aoleon.*
Piano Then you do the chorus as follows: Lucky man Strong man Tear Weaker \/ Dmaj (7th fret) A Bm G /\ 2 times then you do this : Im a lucky man, I've given all I can Dmaj Amaj Bm Amaj Gmaj Gary lead over the above, it is as follows
e------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------15~15-15-14~14-14-12---------------|(Let feedback)G-9B-9B~~~9RB-7-9-9B-9----------14-16------------------------------------|D-------------------------14-16------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Now is the very ending, you repeat the intro 1 time, then play the verse over and over you fade out. Hughie Thomasson played lead here; And it is on the Bm Aoleon scale, very simple. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS SONG VERY MUCH, JUST AS I DO!! Please watch Bobbycook13 on I will be posting this hopefully soon. Have a great day all!!
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