Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tomorrows Goodbye tab

Song: Tommorow's Goodbye
Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tabber: John H- Johnrocs[RemoveThisAntiSpam]

I bought the full 'Then and Now' album off iTunes, and when I heard this song, I knew I
had to play it. I looked around and to my suprise, couldnt find any tab for this
beautiful song, so here it is. Sometime I might figure out the lead...but not right now


Tuning: Normal

h - Hammer On
p - Pull Off
o - Repeat 


G D Dsus4 Am Ce--3--2----3----0---0B--3--3----3----1---1G--0--2----2----2---0D--0--0----0----2---2A--2--x----x----0---3E--3--x----x----x---x
--- Intro (Acustic) x3 (Singing Starts after 3rd G) Repeated Through Verse
G D Dsus4 Am C D G [Outro Only]e------3-------2h3p2-----0-----------------o--3--------------|B------3-------3---------1---------1-----3-o--3--------------|G------0-0---2-----------2---2---------2---o--0--------------|D----------0-----------2---2-----2---0-----o--0--------------|A----2---------------0---------3-----------o--2--------------|E--3---------------------------------------o--3--------------|
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