Lynyrd Skynyrd - Railroad Song tab

Song: Railroad Song 
Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Album: Nuthin' Fancy

These Are The Rhythm Guitar Parts, ill show the order below. G riff C riff A riff D riffe|------------|-------------|------------|------------|B|------------|-------------|------------|------------|G|------------|----5----3---|------------|----7---5---|D|---5----3---|---5-5/7-----|-----7---5--|---7-7/9----|A|--5—5/7-----|--3----------|----7-7/9---|--5---------|E|-3----------|-------------|---5--------|------------|
Lead Riff 1e|---15--------15----15-----15-------------15-------------------15----------|B|---15b17-13—-15b17-15b17-—15b17-13—15b17----17r15-13----------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------14b16--------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Lead Riff 2e|-----------15b17-17r15----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------15b17-17r15----------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------14b16p12-------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics and chord/guitar arrangement intro: G riff 12 times Verse 1 G riff 4X Jumped off the box car down around Tennessee G riff 4X I was cold tired n dirty hungry as I could be C riff 4X but I had my guitar and a hundred railroad songs G riff 4X so I asked the police man if “can I stay here long” he said A riff 1X C riff 1X D riff 2X Mr. Hobo you gota go now, don’t want you around C riff 4X see Im tryin’ to build me a respectable town C riff 4x and we don’t nee-ee-eed a hobo like you hangin around back to G riff Verse 2 G riff 4X So I left that town lord had my guitar in my hand G riff 4X still cold, tired kinda mad at the man but this C riff 4X life I chose to live, sometimes its strange see im G riff 4X tryin to learn about the old music by ridin’ a train well A riff 1X C riff 1X D riff 2X im a hobo I know but that’s a price ill pay C riff 4X I guess ill write me another song while im on my way C riff 4X imma catch me another train this is what I say G riff 4X “mr. Chooooo-choo train” take me away Lead Riff1 2X G riff 4X “Chooooo-choo train” Lead Riff1 2X (chord progression same as above) well imma ride this train lord untill I find out what jimmy roggers and hagg was all about see I play this rock n roll n I think that’s fine but I id like to go back, a little further in time well Im a hobo, I know and that’s the price ill pay Guess ill write me another song while im on my way im’ll catch me a freight train this is what ill say “mr. chooo-choo train” Lead Riff1 2X “Chooooo-choo Train” Lead Riff1 2X lead Riff2 1X Slow it all down in G and wrap it up Fly on proud bird you're free at last C. Daniels
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