Lucinda Williams – Lafayette chords

[Verse 1]
GOh my sweet Lafayette, how I'm gonna miss you
C GYou feel so good Lafayette, now I've come to greet you
DTell all my friends I've come back again
C GI couldn't stay away, I was gone only a day
C GBut I'm comin' back to my sweet Lafayette
[Verse 2]
GI'm goin' down to Lafayette, I don't care how long I'm gone
C GIt's so hard to leave you, Lafayette, now I know where I belong
DWhen that sweet fiddle sounds and Clifton gets down
C GThat music sounds so good to me, I just might dance until three
C GAnd I gotta get back to my sweet Lafayette
Fiddle solo [Verse 3]
GOh, those boys in Lafayette, smilin' so pretty
C GThose sweet boys in Lafayette, they sure do look good to me
DWe danced all night long to a sweet Cajun song
C GDrinkin' and jivin' 'til dawn, I could dance on and on
C GDoin' a two-step in my sweet Lafayette
[Verse 4]
GTake me back Lafayette, way down on the bayou
C GI'm your girl, Lafayette, I'm gonna hang around you
DEat that gumbo and rollin' and tumble
C GAnd do crazy things every night, soon I'll be feelin' alright
C GWhen I get back to my sweet Lafayette
C GWhen I get back to my sweet Lafayette
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