M Ward – Rave On tab ver. 2

			     Rave On by M. Ward
Tabbed by: Meat Flickwood

Thanks to a Mr. Jaren A. Jolley and a Mr. Papamoll for the chords...

Tuning: Standard
Capo 1

e|------------------------------------------| X 2B|------------------------------------------|G|-----2-2---2-(2)-2-4-(2)------------------|D|---------4--------------4-4-4-------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
The following part is played throughout the song after the line "'I love you', I say 'rave on'" with slight variations each time. The notes in parenthesis are only played in some cases:
D D7 Well, the little things you say and do make me want to be with you G Rave on this crazy feeling D A D G D I know it's got me reeling when you say "I love you," I say "rave on" Chorus: D F#m Em A I say rave on, I say, "rave on" D F#m My, my, my "rave on" Em A I say, "rave on" After each line of the chorus the following two parts (or slight variations) are played:
Guitar I (Slide) Guitar IIe|--------------------| e|------------------------|B|-----------3\2------| B|------3-2-0-------------|G|--------2-----------| & G|----2-------2-----------|(Last note is D|-----4--------------| D|--4-----------4-5-4-2---| sometimes a 5 A|--------------------| A|------------------------| or 7)E|--------------------| E|------------------------|
Guitar I (Slide) e|--------------------|Guitar I is B|-----------15\14----|sometimes played G|--------14----------|an octave higher: D|-----16-------------| A|--------------------| E|--------------------|
D And the way you look when you say goodnight D7 The way you make up when we fight G Rave on this crazy feeling D A D G D I know it's got me reeling when you say "I love you," I say "rave on" D F#m I say "rave on" Em A I say "rave on" D F#m My, my, my rave on Em A I say "rave on" D F#m I say "rave on" Em A I say "rave on" D F#m My, my, my rave on Em A Oh, my rave on G Rave on It's a crazy feeling D I know What's got me reeling A I'm so glad D D7 You're revealing your love for me G Rave on Oh, rave on, tell me D Tell me Tell me not to be lonely A Tell me D G D Tell me you love me only, rave on to me D G D Oh, rave on to me Solo: Again there are some slight variations each time this is a more standard version:
Guitar I (Slide) Guitar IIe|-------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------|B|-------------------------------------| B|---------3-2-0---------------|G|--11~11~---7~7~---9~9~---6~6~--7~~---| & G|-------2-------2-------------|D|-------------------------------------| D|-----4-----------4-5-4-2-----|A|-------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------|E|-------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------|
D F#m Rave on Em A I say, rave on D F# My, my, my rave on Em A I say, rave on My, my ,my... And Fade... ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic ************************************
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