M Ward - Obriens Nocturne tab

Tune guitar down a 1/2 step to play with album, but he often plays it in standard tuning live

G/C: 320013

Well we talked about old times
Like a couple of old guys
D7                                         G       G/C  G
And took a little walk to the old baseball diamond
G                             Cm
And along came O'Brien with a guitar in his hand
D7                                   G
Met us on the field with impeccable timing 


D                            G
He said "I got a new song to show ya
D                                        G
"Though it prob'ly ain't gonna blow your mind"
And the thing about O'Brien was
         D                                    G    /F#         Em
He could always make a string buzz like it was nineteen-eighty-nine
And I remembered that old car
D                          G
And that old girlfriend of mine 

G  G/C  G

It was a cracked wooden thing
He said Wanna talk about old strings?
It's been 10, 12 years since I last changed mine
And it said Sears down the neck
Had a little blood stain on the 2nd fret
But you know it still keeps impeccable time 

G             C             D               G
And thats the story of how O'brien blew my mind
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