M2m – Leave Me Alone tab

Leave Me Alone
The Big Room
2001 Atlantic Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Chords used:
Dm  - xx0231
Am  - x02210
G   - 320003
Em  - 022000
F   - 133211
A   - x02220

Intro: Dm--Am (x2)

Piano:e|----------13-12-----------13-12-------B|-15----15-------15-13--13-------15-13-G|----14--------------------------------D|-------------------------------------- (x2)A|--------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------
Guitar 2:e|--------1-0--------1-0-----B|-3----3-----3-1--1-----3-1-G|----2----------------------D|--------------------------- (x2)A|---------------------------E|---------------------------
Verse 1: Dm Am Leave me alone Dm G Stop calling me at home A Where did you get my number anyway? Dm Am Don't write me e-mails Dm G Don't knock on my door Em F Am Don't you remember you didn't love me no more? Chorus: F Now it's over G It's nothing called you and me A It's over Oh why can't you see? F G What I'm trying to say is A F Get out of my way Yeah, it's over G It's nothing called you and me A It's over Oh why can't you see? F What I'm trying to say is G A Get out, Get out of my way! Verse 2: Dm Am I'm not your girl Dm G Not even your friend A What makes you think I wanna try again Dm Am Don't buy me roses Dm G Don't even try Em F Am And remember, big boys they don't cry (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Dm--Am--Dm--G
Guitar 2:e|--------1-0--------1-0------------1-0---3------------B|-3----3-----3-1--1-----3-1-3----3-----3------3-1-0---G|----2-------------------------2------------0-------0-D|-----------------------------------------------------A|-----------------------------------------------------E|-----------------------------------------------------
Bridge: Em F I'm tired of hearing my friends say Em F That you still care Em Am G Em That you wanna come back into my life Am G F Well, I just want you out of there Solo: F--G--A (x2) (Repeat Chorus)
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