M2m - Eventually Fills tab

Title: Eventually
    by M2M, from their "The Big Room"

Tabbed by: E.J. Gemzon ===>e-mail me @

 / , \ = slide
     h = hammer
     p = pull off

This song was  really one of the best I've ever heard.
Simple but great.  Here are some fills done by the second
guitar on the outro part. Listen to the CD and follow.

*put a capo on 4th fret if U want

Fill 1

Fill 2 sl. sl. sl.e--7/9\7--------4---------------------------------------|b--7/9\7--4-4h5----4-4h5p4------------------------------|g---------4-4---------------6--6/8-4--6-6/8--6h8p6-4-4--|d-------------------------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
Fill 3 sl.e-----7-9--11--13--14--16~---15--13-12\--7-7-----|b-7-9--------------------------------------------|g------------------------------------------------|d------------------------------------------------|a------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
Fill 4 (ending)
As far as I'm concerned, this is 97% correct. All credits still go to "Master" Marit Larsen.
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