Mac Miller – Missed Calls chords

Hey guys this is my first tab so I don't know how accuerate this is. I coudn't find this 
song anywhere else so here is my version. I think it
sounds pretty good.

Capo on 4th

GLong days, longer nights
You keep startin' fights
EmThink you always right
Call you up to tell you I ain't comin' home tonight Say you wanna leave me
GIt's just talkin' but I know you might
Now get along, now get along, now go
G-onceYou sing along, now every song you know
EmYou play your part, I'm playin' mine
You breakin' hearts, ain't breakin' mine Since growing old is taking time I'm acting like I'm 8 or 9
GTryin' to move on, talking to my old friends
EmSee me, say what up and I'm actin' like I don't know them
Causing so much problems, why you doin' that, doin' that Ripping people's hearts out, you to cute for that, cute for that
GI've been on the same shit
EmWe run into each other and it's like we don't even speak the same language
I guess people always going through changes
GDidn't think I would lose you once I got famous
cont. G then Em until hook
EmSaid baby I got missed calls and emails
All going into details About how you just not happy And you think you gotta leave so
EmGo, go
I'll be fine on my
Emown, own
GSaid baby I got missed calls and emails
All going into details 'Bout how you used to love me I keep changing like the leaves, hell
EmGo, go
You'll be fine on your
Emown, own
*It's the same chords and progression for the second verse and the next hook. I hope you guys like it!
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