Macabre - Zodiac tab

all macabre fans know that macabre uses a 7 sting guitar but, this is as close as you can get on a six sting. sorry its missing a part or two.

x=palm mute

riff one---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-8-8--8-6-3--2-00-2-00---4-6-6--6-4-1--0-00-0-00-- xx xx
riff two-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3---------8---------------1----2----6----7---------------0---------5---------
riff three-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3--3----3--3--------------8---8----8--8-------------1--1----1--1-2--2----2--2-6---6----6--6-7--7----7--7--00-0000-00--000000000000---00-0000-00--500500005005 xx xxxx xx xx xxxx xx xx xxxx xx xx xxxx xx
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