Machine Head – Burning Red tab ver. 2

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From: DreadEd209
Subject: m/machine_head/

      song : THE BURNING RED from the album "The Burning Red"
    artist : MACHINE HEAD
 tabbed by : DreadEd209

A beautiful elegy from a great band with power and soul. I lvoed them since I was 11 and 
inspired me to be in a band -

for that I am grateful as I'm not doing too bad. Moved from manchester Uk to Korea and 
a band, played with Arch enemy in

Seoul, got featured in Metal Hammer and hope to play with Machine Head one day...

Found thid tab but it needed fixing to be playable and right.

 Main Theme (let ring)

  this is played during the intro, and the verses

(Em) (Dsus4) (C) (Bsus4) e-|-------3---------------3------------3-------------------| B-|------------------------------------------------5\3-----| G-|----4--------------4------------------------------------| D-|--2--------------0--------------4--------------4--------| A-|------------------------------2--------------2----------| E-|--------------------------------------------------------|
C#m B A G# e-|--------------------| B-|--5----4------------| During the chorus (when Robb sings G-|--6----4----6----5--| "I'm falling" and "Ooh-ooh-ooh") D-|--6----4----7----6--| you play these chords A-|--4----2----7----6--| E-|------------5----4--|
F#m G# A B e-|--------------------| B-|--------------------| This is played once at time 3'32 G-|--2----5----6----8--| between the two last chorus D-|--4----6----7----9--| A-|--4----6----7----9--| E-|--2----4----5----7--|
The song goes like this : intro - main theme x2 verse - main theme x4 chorus - chords x2 verse - main theme x5 chorus - chords x3 + 'extra-chords' (3'32) last chorus - chords + subtle solo (you gotta figure some out yourself) Yep, Machine Head is awesome... Check out their website @ You can check out my recent band at
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