Machine Head - Buring Red tab version 2

This song IS playable in drop C, so that's how I've tabbed it. Figuring it out in 
other tunings is no issue.

Intro / VerseD|-----------|----------|----------|----------|A|-------10--|------10--|-------7--|-------7--|F|-----------|----------|----------|----------|C|----11-----|----9-----|----7-----|----6-----|G|--9--------|--7-------|--5-------|--4-------|C|-----------|----------|----------|----------|
And I think guitar 2 does something like :D|------|A|------|F|------| Or something like that, not too sure.C|--8b--|G|------|C|------|
For the "ooh" part just play the chorus.
End on :D|------| D|------|A|------| A|------|F|--8---| F|------|C|--8---| C|------|G|--6---| G|--6---|C|------| and bend C|------|
That's it really :) first tab so it's a bit rushed, let me know what you think! Thanks, J-Rob.
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