Machine Head – Five tab

Five by Machine Head
Guitarist: Robb Flynn + Ahrue Luster
Album: The Burning Red
Dif.: 6
Tabbed by TWIGGy5

NOTE: Tune to Drop B (B F# B E G# C#)
NOTE: * = strum 8x

Fill 1/Verse (Gtr. 1) - Just do muted strings 16x and gradually
get cresendo

Fill 1 (Gtr. 2) (Gradually Cresendo)
E |-7--------------------(7)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-^---------(7)--(7)~~~~~~~-
    ^ hold note then here ^ start to vibrate then bend 1/2 step up
  then back down to bracketed 7 then vibrate again.

Fill 1 (Gtr. 2) (cont.)G#|-4--------|-%-|E |-7-7(15x)-|-%-|
Intro (Gtr. 1)E|-X(6x)-5/14-14*-12(3x)-14(7x)-14^--14^(3x)-14(11x)------|B|--------------------------------------------------0-0-0-| <- LOw B ^ 1/4 ^ 1/2
Intro (Gtr. 2)G#|-------5---------------------------------------------------------|E |-7(4x)-7(4x)-7(7x)-7^--7(6x)-(7)-7p5-7-7-7-7~~7~~7~~7~~7~~-------|F#|-----------------------------------------------------------XX////| ^ hold bend till bracketed 7 pik slide ^
Intro P2/Chorus (Both Guitars)B |-12-3--1--4-8/13--13-10-|F#|-12-3--1--4-8/13--13-10-|B |-12-3--1--4-8/13--13-10-|
Verse (Gtr. 1) (hold note) B |-12-----------------------------------(12)~~~~~~~~~~~-Feedback-(12)^---(12)-| >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Verse (Gtr. 2)F#|-12\\\\\\\\\\\\\\---------------|B |-12\\\\\\\\\\\\\\-----(GTR-OUT)-|
Verse P2 (Gtr. 1) E|-7*-|-%-|-%-|-%-|-%-|-%-|-7~(8x)-7~-----------------| Verse P2 (Gtr. 2) E|--------|---------|--------|------5/14-14*-12(4x)-14(3x)- Verse P2 (Gtr. 2) (cont.) E|-14^---14(7x)-(14)------| ^ gradually bend 1/2 step while piking then bring back down to bracketed 14 Verse 2 P2 (Gtr. 2) E|-X-X--X-X--X-X-|--X-X-X-X-X-X-X-|-X-X--X-X--X-X-|-X-X-X-X-X- Verse 2 P2 (Gtr. 2) (cont.) E|-5/14-14*-12-12-12-14-14-14-14-15-15-17-17-19-19-20-20\-|
Bridge (Both Guitars)B |-0-0--3-3--1-1----1-1-0-1-3-3-4-|F#|-0-0--3-3--1-1----1-1-0-1-3-3-4-|B |-0-0--3-3--1-1----1-1-0-1-3-3-4-|
Bridge (Gtr. 3) (trem pik all) E|--14-17---15----------|-%-|-14-12---10-------14-17---15-| Fill 2 (Gtr. 2) (w/ wah) B|-0---------------------------0-0-----------------------| <- Low B
Fill 2 (Gtr. 1) (PM ALL)B |-------------------------------6-|-%-|F#|---7-5---8---7-5---8-----5-7-8---|-%-|B |-0-----7---0-----7---0-7---------|-%-|
Interlude (Both Guitars) - Do Fill 2 w/o PM's
Fill 3 (Gtr. 1) (clean)C#|--------------------------------------------15-------|G#|--------------------------------------------15-------|E |-----0------0----------------------------------------|B |---3------7----5-------------------------------------|F#|-5-----/8------6-------------------------------------|
Fill 4 (Gtr. 2)B |-XXX----XXXX--XXXX----XXXX--XX-XX-|F#|-XXX----XXXX--XXXX----XXXX--XX-XX-|B |-XXX----XXXX--XXXX----XXXX--XX-XX-|
Fill 5 (Gtr. 1)B |-21(7x)----21-21(4x)--21-21-21--21-21-21-21-21-21----------------|F#|-21(7x)----21-21(4x)--21-21-21--21-21-21-21-21-21-XX\\\\\\\\\\\\-|B |-21(7x)----21-21(4x)--21-21-21--21-21-21-21-21-21-XX\\\\\\\\\\\\-|
Song Structure: - HEAVY BREATHING Intro (BASS)/PIK SCRAPES AD LIB Fill 1 (Gtr. 1)/Fill 1 (Gtr. 2) Intro (Gtr. 1)/Intro (Gtr. 2) Intro P2 (Both Guitars) ("GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) ("I remember was a.....") Verse P2 (Gtr. 1)/Verse P2 (Gtr. 2) ("I could smell your....") Chorus (Both Guitars) ("For all of the times...") Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) ("I remember words....") Verse P2 (Gtr. 1)/Verse 2 P2 (Gtr. 2) ("If you tell I'll kill...") Chorus (Both Guitars) Bridge (Both Guitars)/Bridge (Gtr. 3) ("AHHHHHHH........ and I feel..") Interlude (Both Guitars) 4x (on 4th time lift pm) Bridge (Both Guitars) ("Ahhhhhhh and I feel it...") Fill 3 (Gtr. 1) Fill 4 (Gtr. 1)/Fill 4 (Gtr. 2) ("for all the times i've been losing my god damn mind...") Fill 5 (Gtr. 1/Fill 1 (Gtr. 2) ("You.... make you suffer....") Chorus (Both Guitars) End on open B5 FIVE!!!!!!!!! FIVE!!!!!!!!!! FIVE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH RANDOM NOISES There ya go.. Nice deep dark song by are friends in Machine Head. Any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at
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