Mad Caddies - Destro tab

Band: Mad Caddies
Song: Destro
Tabbed by: Erik Carlsson (

This is a pretty easy song to play... listen to it to get the rythm... No one cares 
but this is my second tab I've posted here... Fell free to give me comments but If 
there's anything wrong in it please mail me about it... Anyway... here it is!

Chords: A E B F# e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--2-----4-----------------------|D|--2--2--4--4--------------------|A|--0--2--2--4--------------------|E|-----0-----2--------------------|
Verse: A E B X3 A E F# F# A E B Chorus: B E B F# B A E F# Really easy to play... and it's a great song to! Enjoy!
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